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When you are considering housing in the Bishan region of Singapore, it is important to know the history of the region and how the rent is characterized in this area as compared to others. When you have all such information at hand, you will be able to take an informed decision.

At the time development started in the mid eighties, it was feared that, the HDB flats being but over a cemetery area might be considered as a bad omen and people will not want to occupy such residential spaces. However, its accessibility features and location overcame such fears as this section of Singapore quickly rose to be one of the real estate areas in demand. Today there are three sub zones that Bishan is divided into – Bishan East, Marymount and Upper Thomson.

History and development details

Bishan is located in the central region of Singapore and it spans a total area of three kilometers. It is characterized as a housing estate area. For its location and proximity to the business areas the HDB apartments located here are highly priced. There are other regions in the central area but they are further away from the city as compared to Bishan estates. As goes the history of this region’s development, it was originally a burial ground of the Cantonese people. This burial ground had been established in 1870 when immigrants came from different provinces of China and settled here.

Other conveniences

For families it is a coveted residential space as there are seven secondary schools, four primary schools and a junior college in the same area. Thomson Plaza, Bishan North Shopping Mall, Junction 8 Shopping Center are some of the several shopping destinations in this area. The Bishan Park offers a major recreational venue for the residents here. There are two portions of it divided by the Kallang river canal in the middle. With fishing spots, ponds and other attractions, it is an ideal space for outdoor activities and leisure for the residents.


Taiwan – Expensive Living and Houses‏

taiwan housing

Taiwan is a beautiful city in Asia and the real estate market is one of the hottest. If you have thought about it before, you are definitely not alone. However, the high costs makes a lot of people think twice before investing in it. Housing costs have increased exponentially over the past years at least two to three times.


Owning a house in Taiwan is also quite difficult. To have your own home, you need to repay at least fifteen years, repaying the loan.

Taipei is currently the world most expensive city, in Terms of housing prices. Property prices in the city have more than tripled In the last ten years.

taiwan today housing

House Price around the country

Statistics from the Global Property Guide website indicate that the high houses prices is being experience all over the country, and not just in Taipei. By the end of the first quarter of 2014:

1. House prices in Taipei rose by 4.90%

2.House prices in New North rose by 17.15%

3. House prices in Taoyuan rose by 12.30%

4. House prices in Kaohsiung rose by 12.71%

5. House prices in Hsinchu rose by 11.46%

6. House prices in Taichung rose by 12.86%.

Impact of the High Prices on Ordinary Citizen

Unfortunately, the house prices have not come down despite the curbing and other anti-speculative measures adopted by Taiwan’s authorities. In fact, the Government is increasingly becoming concern as it watches the property news and housing in Taiwan. 50% of its bubble indicators suggest that its efforts to curb high prices and associated speculation have so far been unsuccessful. Ratio of home prices to incomes, ratio of mortgage to GDP, and the return rate of rental are its most popular bubble indicators, and they are all at dangerous level.

Punggol Waterway: More Than A Canal‏

Located along Sentul Crescent Road and covering an area of 12.25 Hectares in Singapore, Punggol Waterway has its setting in a lush greenery and free from the bustling traffic to serve the visitors and residents. Just a few clicks away from the Punggol CBD center, you will experience a nostalgic feel of the upcoming waterfront park.

Explore Coney Island

Developed from just an Island retreat for families looking for picnic spots, Coney Island is now a popular destination for boating, water skiing and fishing. Previously, the boats were hired from the Punggol boatels or Changi Point to get there. Today it is part of the new town. The unique waterfront town is linked by two dams to mainland Singapore, the East Dam and West Dam. You have not to miss the beautiful Nature and Jetty walk section on the West Dam.

There are many ways to relax and enjoy yourself in Punggol waterway singapore itself. Hailed as a nature and a reserve, as well as being an eco town in Singapore, the water canal itself is 4.2 km long and is one of the best park in Singapore to have a good run at.

Along the Waterway , there are many park facilities for you to work out, as well as to sit down and take a breather. The calm and relaxing water relaxes the mind and gives people a sense of good feeling and soothes their nerves. Having a run throughout this park makes a good soothing experience.

Taking a stroll around Punggol Point Park

This is an idyllic waterfront destination characterized by mesmerizing lily ponds, a sand filled playground and an event plaza. Just soak in the laid back atmosphere here and take photos from a paranomic view of Pulau Ubin and the Straits of Johor. All this can be done on an elevated, ship inspired deck.

Punggol Ranch

At this point you can eat, drink, or even experience a horse ride. Tucked in a corner of the island, this is one of the laid back places found in Singapore. Facilities present here include Indian restaurant, Cowboy Mart, Bacon & Booze Café and Bar, Rabbit Park and Campfire ground. All this places are ideal for hanging out at, reception functions and even picnics.


Matilda House peak

Located off Punggol road, the house was originally built for a millionaire Alexander Cashin. Just get yourself up the stairs for a better vantage point and take your photos.

Play snooker, futsal or pool at Punggol Recreation Complex

Apart from the famous Hai Bin Prawning, Punggol complex also possess three turf pitches operated by sports planet. The pool hall opens to 28 snooker tables, 16 pool tables and four VIP rooms suitable for you wedding reception.

Searching To Purchase An Utmost Posh House? What You Need To Know

Real Estate

If you have decided and thought of purchasing a home that is posh and luxurious, you are not alone. Perhaps you don’t need it. Perhaps you think it is something that you are not looking at it at the moment. The truth is most people don’t do it for themselves at the moment, but for their families, kin, and of course, their close ones. Some people have the means to stay and live in expensive houses but have to slog hard for it, while some people actually like to save that money, stay comfortably and don’t see the need to splurge on those unnecessary money.

housing estate

Or so they thought.

A posh and nice house has a wide range of facilities and that is why they are a luxurious investment. If you are a busy family and always on the go, then a nice house is what you always look and yearn for at the end of the day after a long and tired work. Imagine the investment, it is totally worth the big and heft price tag it asks for, but also at the same time it is a relax place where you can put your shoulders.

House chores are also easier to maintain. An expensive house does not mean it is less difficult to clean, but it is definitely a joy to clean the place you are living in. so beautiful and pretty, you definitely want to clean it as much as you can. Heck, you can even hire a maid to do it for you!

Have you ever considered? A good living can actually offer you and your loved ones a lot of good exchanges in life that you never would have thought of it. Who knows? It definitely can make you appreciate and enjoy life that you ought to have it right now. The advantages also surely out weigh the negatives.

Also, most people think that expensive apartments are always in the big states and cities. That is not always the case as more people opt for seclusion and privacy now, luxury homes can be found in rural areas and beautiful mountains and mesmerizing sea, beaches and sandy areas near go the waters and nature.

A nice and perfect house will have all the items and things that you need. A chic built in bar, where you can house friends and have chilling sessions, have a good drink at home or even a full blast party. The pool that you are longing for? Couple that in with a Jacuzzi and a perfect water massaging pool facility, what have you got? An awesome Jacuzzi pool!

Been thinking of having that perfect gym with all the latest machines to get that ab? The island kitchen that you are looking at to have a sumptuous meal whipped up in no time, together with all the premium cookware and ingredients? These foster a wonderful good time for you to bond with your partner, or your whole family.

And they are the perks of what the best luxury apartment can bring you. It is more than the cost, the value is very worth it.

There are many reasons to get one house that is expensive. Your safety is a very important factor. For example, the safety measures that these expensive houses usually have guards that actually will give a much added security needed. Public corridors, walkways, doorways and front gates are all monitored and cameras make sure no suspicious activities are there.

Also, outsiders are not able to dwell and idle in your common area, making it an added secured living area and environment, definitely what everyone is yearning for.

Lobbies, doors, hidden areas and corners are safe now. When you know the added security is what you can give to your family, you can set your heart at ease and go do and enjoy what ever you are looking forward to.

If you can afford it, why not enjoy life?